Terms of Use

♥ Cherry Dazzle reserves the right to refuse service at any time, for any reason.

♥ You will be added to the design list as soon as your deposit is received and I have gotten a completed order form.

♥ My commitment is to provide you with a custom design you feel is completely yours. I will work with each of my customers closely to ensure that this commitment is met. Throughout the entire design process, I will provide you with the link to a live preview of your site. Along with that, I grant you unlimited changes up until the final installation.

♥ I will not install a design until all dues are paid off. I reserve the right to discontinue services should monetary commitments be left unmet.

♥ I cannot be held responsible for lost widgets, text, and/or coding when transfer to the blogger minima template is made and your custom design is installed. Also, it is up to you to download your current template before installation.

♥ All graphics, images, HTML coding, ect. are property of Cherry Dazzle and may not be reproduced or claimed in any way. The Cherry Dazzle Design Studio is protected under a Creative Commons License.

♥ Cherry Dazzle reserves the right to include credits for your design in the form of buttons and links. Removal of these credits will result in you having to reset your template.

The following is not allowed:

- Claiming, altering and/or deleting any images and/or coding that are done for you by Cherry Dazzle. Should any changes be made, you must revert your template back to a default blogger template.

- Distribution of any images and/or HTML coding without the permission of Cherry Dazzle.

- Making changes to your design without prior permission from Cherry Dazzle. If you would like anything on your design to be changed, please email me.